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Add custom visualizations to your dashboards

You can build your own visualizations and add them to a dashboard. This gives you great flexibility around what you display on dashboards, from a company logo to custom queries from any data source.

screenshot of custom visualization

This visualization shows the number of people in each city who are viewing New Relic within an organization. The visualization was created using the New Relic One CLI and Treemap from the Recharts library.

If you have full user permissions, which include the Nerdpack manager role, you can add a visualization to a dashboard as described in the following section. The process for creating a visualization is covered in the guide, Build a custom visualization for dashboards.

Add a visualization to a dashboard

You can add a visualization to a new or existing dashboard.

  1. From New Relic, in the top right, click the Apps button, and then on the Apps page, click Custom Visualizations. Hint: if you don't see the Custom Visualizations tile, use the search to locate it.
  2. In Custom Visualizations, select the visualization you want to add to a dashboard and then enable it.
  3. If there are configuration options, fill those in. The visualization will update with your changes.
  4. Click Add to dashboard and then select a dashboard from the list of available dashboards, or select New dashboard.
    If you decide to create a new dashboard, select the account where you want to run the dashboard, and give the dashboard a name.
  5. Click Add to dashboard, then click the link to your dashboard to see the custom visualization.

Manage your dashboard visualizations

Deleting: To remove a visualization from a dashboard, click the ellipses button in the right-hand corner of the visualization and click delete.

Editing: If your visualization needs some tweaking, delete the visualization, then follow the steps above to re-add the visualization, making any updates in Custom Visualizations.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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