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Amazon CloudFront monitoring integration


Enable the AWS CloudWatch Metric Streams integration to monitor all CloudWatch metrics from your AWS services, including custom namespaces. Individual integrations are no longer our recommended option.

New Relic infrastructure integrations include an integration for reporting Amazon CloudFront service data to New Relic. This document explains how to activate this integration and describes the data that can be reported.


Amazon CloudFront is an Amazon web service that speeds up the distribution of your web content. With the New Relic CloudFront integration, you can track CloudFront data in New Relic, including error rates, request counts, and uploaded/downloaded bytes. You can track your CloudFront configuration and see how configuration changes impact performance. You can also create custom queries of your CloudFront integration data and custom charts.

Activate integration

To enable this integration follow standard procedures to Connect AWS services to New Relic.

Configuration and polling

You can change the polling frequency and filter data using configuration options.

Default polling information for the Amazon CloudFront integration:

  • New Relic polling interval: 5 minutes
  • Amazon CloudWatch data interval: 1 minute, with up to 1 minute delay because CloudFront sometimes reports partial data

If you're using Lambda@Edge to customize content that CloudFront delivers so to execute Lambda functions in AWS locations closer to your clients, you can enable the Collect Lambda@Edge data filter in order to get Lambda execution location metadata.

Find and use data

To find your integration data, go to one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > Infrastructure > AWS and select one of the CloudFront integration links.

You can query and explore your data using the LoadBalancerSample event type, with a provider value of CloudFrontDistribution.

For more on how to use your data, see Understand and use integration data.

Metric data

The following data is collected for CloudFront Web distributions. Data is not available for RTMP distributions.




The number of requests for all HTTP methods and for both HTTP and HTTPS requests.


The number of bytes downloaded by viewers for GET, HEAD, and OPTIONS requests.


The number of bytes uploaded to your origin with CloudFront using POST and PUT requests.


The percentage of all requests for which the HTTP status code is 4xx or 5xx.


The percentage of all requests for which the HTTP status code is 4xx.


The percentage of all requests for which the HTTP status code is 5xx.

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