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Amazon VPC Lattice

New Relic provides an integration for Amazon VPC Lattice.


Amazon VPC Lattice is a fully managed application networking service that you use to connect, secure, and monitor the services for your application across multiple accounts and virtual private clouds (VPC).

New Relic supports two monitoring integrations for Amazon VPC Lattice: CloudWatch metrics and access logs.

For Cloudwatch metrics, you only need to set up the integration once and all available AWS namespaces, including AWS/VPCLattice, will be included. CloudWatch metrics for VPC Lattice keep up with traffic between your Lattice Services and Target Groups.


Enable the AWS CloudWatch Metric Streams integration to monitor all CloudWatch metrics from your AWS services, including custom namespaces. Individual integrations are no longer our recommended option.

Activate access logs integration


To use Kinesis Firehose you must have a Kinesis Data Firehose delivery stream created. If you do not, you can create one by going to the Amazon Kinesis Firehose feature from your AWS console and creating a delivery stream with Destination: New Relic.

Learn more about creating an Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose delivery stream.

The access logs integration for Amazon VPC Lattice uses Amazon Kinesis Firehose. You can enable access logs monitoring for your Lattice Services by adding monitoring to either the service network, or individually on the services you want to track.

To set up this integration:

  1. From your AWS console, navigate to the AWS VPC Service.
  2. From the left panel, under the VPC Lattice dropdown, select Service Networks OR Services, depending on which option you want to use to enable monitoring.
  3. Select the service or service network that you would like to monitor.
  4. Select the Monitoring tab.
  5. Select Edit access logs.
  6. Toggle the Access logs monitoring on.
  7. Select the checkbox labeled Kinesis Data Firehose delivery stream.
  8. Select a delivery stream from the dropdown that is configured to point to New Relic.
  9. Save changes.

Find and use Access logs data

You can query and explore your data in our logs UI by using this filter: ServiceNetworkArn LIKE '%vpc-lattice%'.

Explore Access Logs for VPC Lattice to get more information on the log data that is being sent.

Find and use CloudWatch metrics data

You can query and explore the CloudWatch data via our metrics query explorer.

Check out the details for CloudWatch metrics for VPC Lattice to get more information on the metrics data that is being sent.

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