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FedRAMP endpoint for logs and metrics

Limited Release

This limited release feature allows you to send logs and metric data to New Relic’s FedRAMP-authorized AWS Fed Cell environment (authorized by FedRAMP PMO November 30, 2020). To send logs and metrics to this environment, you must update the endpoints used by our Log API and Metric API.


This feature is in limited release. For questions, email product manager James Stuckey at jstuckey@newrelic.com.

Requirements and disclosure

Requirements and limitations include:

  • Metric data requirements:
    • Data sent via Metric API or via integrations that use it
    • Prometheus remote write not supported
  • Log data requirements:
    • Logs sent via Log API or via integrations that use it
    • AWS Kinesis Firehose not supported
  • Static IPs are not supported


Disclosure: Participation in and use of this limited release feature is subject to the New Relic Pre-release Policy and agreeing to New Relic’s Pre-release agreement. The current list of FedRAMP authorized Products offered by New Relic is set forth within the Documentation. By electing to access and use Pre-release Services, such as this limited release feature, Customer acknowledges that an authorized official of the agency or organization indicated acknowledgement of the FedRAMP authorization status of the Pre-release Services and Customer acknowledges that Customer will use those products in a manner consistent with Customer’s own security requirements

FedRAMP endpoints

Logs and dimensional metric data are sent to New Relic via our Metric API and Log API endpoints either directly, by making an HTTPS request to the API, or indirectly by using an integration, a Telemetry SDK, or log forwarder. In order to send metric or log data to our FedRAMP-authorized environment, you must replace the standard Metric API and Log API endpoint with the corresponding FedRAMP-compliant endpoint:

  • Dimensional metrics:
    • Replace references to https://metric-api.newrelic.com/metric/v1 with https://gov-metric-api.newrelic.com/metric/v1
  • Logs:
    • Replace references to https://log-api.newrelic.com/log/v1 with https://gov-log-api.newrelic.com/log/v1

Unless you are sending the data directly to the API via HTTPS, the way you configure things will vary depending on the specific New Relic mechanism you are using. Here are tips on where you will need to make this configuration change:


Below are instructions showing where to reconfigure the default Log API endpoint with our FedRAMP-compliant endpoint for some of our logging tools.

Log forwarders:

Log API: Use the Log API endpoint configuration.

Telemetry SDKs:


Below are instructions showing where to reconfigure the default Metric API endpoint with our FedRAMP-compliant endpoint for various metric-reporting tools.

Telemetry integrations:

Telemetry SDKs:

Here are instructions for our Telemetry SDKs that report metric data:

For more help

For information on other FedRAMP-compliant endpoints or how to configure New Relic agents for FedRAMP see FedRAMP-compliant endpoints.

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