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Introduction to New Relic's open source telemetry integrations

New Relic provides open source integrations that report telemetry data from telemetry tools to your New Relic account.

Types of integrations

We have open source integrations that report data from OpenCensus, OpenTelemetry, DropWizard, Prometheus, and more. With these solutions, you can aggregate all your telemetry data in one place: the New Relic platform.

See our list of open source telemetry integrations (to browse all New Relic solutions, see our integrations page).

How they work

These integrations were built using our Telemetry SDKs, which are open-source language-specific libraries for reporting metrics, trace data, and other telemetry data to New Relic. If our pre-built integrations don't meet your needs, you can use the Telemetry SDKs to build your own telemetry tools.

Under the hood, data reported by these solutions are ingested via our data ingest APIs. For example, metrics reported by the DropWizard exporter are ingested via the Metric API, so to understand how to query and chart that type of data, you could read Query metric data.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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