Trial and Lite accounts


This document applies to our original product-based pricing, which is no longer available for new accounts. For an explanation of pricing plans, see Overview of pricing.

Free trials for New Relic allow you to identify which products and subscription tier best fit your business. Accounts not upgraded with a subscription before the end of the trial period become Lite accounts, losing many key features and data.

Trial accounts

When you start a free trial, you gain access to all the features of a Pro account including full access to support.

Our products allow you to view and track trends. Pro level data retention allows you to track how changes in your business, such as marketing approaches or new technology, affect trends.

Trial lengths

Trial lengths depend on the product:

Product Trial Length
Alerts 30 days
APM 14 days
Browser 14 days
Infrastructure 30 days
Insights 30 days
Mobile 30 days
Synthetics 14 days

End of trial period

Once the trial ends, your account becomes a Lite account. Lite accounts can access all of our products except Infrastructure and Insights, but lose access to most product features and support.

Lite accounts retain only very recent data, which could cause the loss of valuable trend data. Avoid this by subscribing before your trial ends.

For more help

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