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Introduction to our pricing and billing docs

New Relic organizations are on one of two pricing models, and we have separate sets of docs for each pricing model:

  • New Relic One pricing model (see docs): our newer usage-based pricing model. All New Relic organizations created on or after July 30, 2020 are on this model, as are some older organizations that have switched to this model. Eventually all New Relic customers will be on this model.
  • Our original product-based pricing model (see docs): our older model involves subscriptions to specific products (for example, APM, Browser, Mobile, Infrastructure). For information about switching to this model, see Transition to new pricing.

Determine your pricing model

To determine which pricing model your organization is on: go to one.newrelic.com, select the account dropdown, and select Manage your plan. If you see billing information about data ingested and the number of billable users, you’re on New Relic One pricing.

New Relic One pricing model - billing UI

If you're on New Relic One pricing, you'll see a billing UI like this.

Looking for information about the core users version of New Relic One pricing? See Pricing versions.

Convert to new pricing

Some organizations are able to switch to new pricing. Learn more about switching your pricing model.

How does the pricing model relate to the two user models?

In 2020, we released both a new, improved pricing model and a new, improved user model. All new sign-ups are on these new models and eventually all our customers will be on these models. But currently, our customers that existed before July 2020 may have one of several combinations of these as they either switch to the new pricing or migrate their users to the new user model.

This table shows how pricing and user model relate to each other:

Pricing plan factors

User model factors

Original pricing

If your organization was created before July 30 2020, you remain on our original pricing model until you transition to New Relic One pricing.

For original pricing accounts, you have users on the original user model unless you've migrated your users to the new model.

Note that if you've added users via automated user management, they're on the new model. This means it's possible to have some users on both models.

New Relic One pricing

An organization is on the New Relic One pricing model:

If your organization was created on or after July 30 2020, your users are on the New Relic One user model.

If you have an older organization, you have users on the original user model unless you've migrated your users to the new model.

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