Use multiple accounts

A New Relic account can have one subscription level only. You cannot mix subscription levels (such as paid and free) within a single account. However, you can use the same email address to create multiple accounts with the same or different subscription levels.

Create multiple accounts

Recommendation: When creating multiple New Relic accounts, use the same license key for applications on the same host. This enables those applications to be linked together in New Relic.

To create additional accounts with the same email address:

  1. Use the same email address and password to sign up for one or more accounts.
  2. Create a separate account for each subscription level you want to use.
  3. Configure your mission-critical hosts to use the master account's license key.
  4. Use license keys from your inexpensive or free accounts for your remaining hosts.

Ruby users can configure the New Relic agent to apply different keys to different application environments. In newrelic.yml, edit the Application environment sections. For example, set the production license_key property to use the paid subscription key, and use a different key for any dev, test, or staging environments.

Switch accounts

To monitor your hosts using a combination of New Relic accounts: From, select (account dropdown) > Switch account > (select an account). The account dropdown name shows the account that you are currently logged into, and the list shows other accounts that you can select.

For more help

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