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Introduction to user management

The docs in this section are about managing users on our newer user model, which almost all New Relic users are on. For docs on our original user model, see Original user management.

Here are some of our most important user management docs:

  • How user access works: learn about how users get access to permissions and to accounts.
  • User type: learn about basic users, core users, and full platform users.
  • UI and common tasks: learn about the user management UI, how to add users, edit user type, add users to groups, create custom roles, and other common tasks.
  • Introduction to single sign-on and SCIM provisioning: an overview of SAML SSO and how to manage your users from an identity provider.
  • Authentication domain settings: an "authentication domain" is what governs how users in that domain are added to New Relic (manually versus SCIM provisioning), the authentication method used by those users (manual login versus SAML SSO), managing how users upgrade their user type, and user session settings.
  • User management tutorial: in-depth lessons on some common user management tasks.
  • Videos on user management: watch videos of the user management UI in action.

Want to understand how user count affects billing? See User-related billing.

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