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Get started with SAML SSO and/or SCIM

For setting up automatic controls over how your New Relic users are added to New Relic, how they're managed, and how they log in, we offer these features:

  • SAML SSO: this allows your users to use a single sign-on (SSO) identity provider service to log in to New Relic, as opposed to using the default email + password. Requires a paid edition.
  • SCIM provisioning, also referred to as automated user management: SCIM provisioning allows organizations to use their identity provider service to automate how their users are added to and updated in New Relic. Organizations using SCIM will almost always use SAML SSO. Requires Pro or Enterprise edition.

For information on how to enable SAML and SCIM, choose your user model below. If you're not sure which you're on, see Overview of user models.

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