Roles and permissions with automated user management

With automated user management (AUM), your users and their groups within your identity provider (Like OneLogin or Okta) are synchronized to New Relic. This allows the ability to configure Groups (also known as Security Groups) in your identity provider with specific access to New Relic accounts. Once configured, simply adding or removing a user to a specific Group in your identity provider will add or remove their access within New Relic.

How Groups work with your users

All Group administration happens within your identity provider. If your existing Groups logically map to access in New Relic, we recommend sending your existing Groups. This makes providing and changing access to New Relic from within your identity provider easy.

In the above example, let’s focus on the Engineers Group. Via SCIM, New Relic will receive the two user records as well as the information that they belong to the Engineers Group. With the current configuration, the two Engineer users have Read Only access to Account 1, Standard User access to Account 2, and All Product Admin access to Account 3.

This access is given by creating three grants within New Relic:

  • Role Read Only to Group Engineers on Account 1

  • Role Standard User to Group Engineers on Account 2

  • Role All Product Admin to Group Engineers on Account 3

Available roles

These are the roles and permissions that are available for users in groups. If a user exists in multiple Groups that have access to a New Relic account, that user will have the combination of access from both Groups to the New Relic account.

Role Description
Read Only

Provides read only access to all New Relic products except for Synthetics monitors.

Standard user

Provides standard access to all New Relic products except for Synthetics monitors. This includes the ability to use the product and change most monitoring configuration, but not adjust account-level or more sensitive configurations.

All product admin Provides admin access to all New Relic products. This includes all functionality with the exception of managing users or subscriptions and billing.
Billing user Provides access to manage subscriptions and billing.
Manage users on original user model Provides access to manage users on our original user model (sometimes referred to as v1 users).

For more help

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