Change passwords and user preferences

Anyone can troubleshoot password problems, or update their own New Relic account information, including name, email address, password, time zone, etc.

You must be the account Owner or Admin to add or delete users for a New Relic account, or to change an existing user's role. However, Owners and Admins cannot change passwords for other account users. If you need to reset someone else's password, get support at

Password requirements

To provide additional safeguards on your account, New Relic requires your password to meet these minimum requirements:

  • 8 to 50 characters in length
  • At least one letter (a-z, A-Z)
  • At least one number (0-9), special character, or space

Special characters allowed include ~ ` ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ - + = { [ } ] : ; " ' < , > . ? / | \. Spaces are also allowed.

In addition to New Relic's requirements, follow your organization's guidelines for password length, use of upper or lower case letters, numbers, and special characters.

Change your password

New Relic account passwords do not expire. However, users can or change their own password and other personal account information anytime.

  1. From the account dropdown in the New Relic UI at, select User preferences.
  2. Type your Current password.
  3. Type your new Password (meeting minimum requirements), then re-type the new password in Password confirmation.
  4. Select Save user preferences.

Change your name, email, default account, time zone

In addition to changing their own password, New Relic users can change their other User preferences settings. These include:

  • Your Full name as it appears in New Relic
  • The Email you use to sign in and to receive information from New Relic
  • The Default account that automatically appears when you sign in, if you have more than one New Relic account
  • The Time zone (standard time) that applies to your New Relic account activity
  • The Gravatar email address associated with your globally recognized avatar, if applicable

When finished making any changes, be sure to select Save user preferences.

Reset password

If you forgot your own password or need to request a password reset, you can use New Relic's self-service options. However, Owners and Admins cannot reset passwords for other account users. If you need to reset someone else's password, get support at

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