Account email settings

Your account email is the "master switch" that controls whether you receive email notifications for the entire account. You can also select whether to receive notifications for specific applications.

Procedures are different to update your preferences for email notifications for New Relic Alerts.

Subscribe to New Relic emails

New Relic account users can set their own email preferences for New Relic news and announcements, special offers, weekly performance summary reports, and alerts.

User preferences > (account dropdown) > User preferences: Users can maintain their own New Relic account and email settings, including subscriptions, performance reports, and other notifications for one or more applications.
  1. Go to > (account dropdown) > User preferences.
  2. From the News and announcements section, select any of the checkbox options to enable or disable informational emails from New Relic.
  3. From the Emails per account section, select any of the checkbox options to enable or disable the weekly email reports.
  4. If applicable, select any of the options to enable or disable crash reporting, version trends email reports, or alerting for your mobile apps and plugins.
  5. Select Save email preferences.

To set your email preferences for your other New Relic accounts (if applicable): From the Emails per account section, select another account. Then repeat these steps for the currently selected account.

Change your email address

To change the email address for your New Relic account:

  1. Go to > (account dropdown) > User preferences.
  2. In the Email section, type your new email address.
  3. Enter your Current password.
  4. Optional: change other user preferences.
  5. Select Save user preferences.

SSO/SAML users:

You cannot update your email address while authenticated into a SSO/SAML account. You will only be able to change your email address while logged into a non-SAML account.

Your email address is used to authenticate you into New Relic. Until your identity provider is updated to match your new email address, you will not be able to log in to New Relic.

Unsubscribe from emails

To alter your settings and discontinue all emails from New Relic, see unsubscribe from New Relic emails.

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