Subscribe and unsubscribe to New Relic emails

In the New Relic account settings UI, you can subscribe and unsubscribe to specific types of emails, and edit other email preferences.

For New Relic Alerts email information, see New Relic Alerts notifications.

Add New Relic to your email allow list

To ensure you get New Relic emails, you can add the following to your organization's allow list of trusted email sources: and * This helps to:

  • Prevent New Relic emails from being trapped in your spam filters.
  • Prevent your email from being added to suppression lists.

Set New Relic email preferences

You can set email preferences for New Relic news and announcements, special offers, weekly performance summary reports, and alerts. To view and update email settings:

  1. Go to > (account dropdown) > User preferences. Note that there are several locations on that page for updating preferences for different types of emails.
  2. If you have multiple New Relic accounts, you can update the email settings separately for each account. Under the Emails per account section, choose a different account and edit its settings.

Change your email address

To change your email address, go to > (account dropdown) > User preferences.

On that page, you can edit other user preferences.

SSO/SAML users:

You cannot update your email address while authenticated into a SSO/SAML account. You will only be able to change your email address while logged into a non-SAML account.

Your email address is used to authenticate you into New Relic. Until your identity provider is updated to match your new email address, you will not be able to log in to New Relic.

Unsubscribe from New Relic emails

New Relic sends two types of emails to the email address associated with your New Relic account:

  • Marketing emails related to new features, special offers, etc.
  • Product emails related to alerts, updates, billing, etc.

You must opt in or out of these emails separately for each of your New Relic accounts. You can also use New Relic's self-service options to update other user preferences, such as your password.

Unsubscribe from marketing emails

Marketing emails from New Relic include an unsubscribe link. The link directs you to a page where you can confirm the email address and stop these types of messages.

Even though you unsubscribe from the marketing email, other product email subscriptions (weekly summary reports, alerts, etc.) will continue. To unsubscribe from all emails from New Relic, you must opt out of them individually for each of your accounts.

Unsubscribe from product-related emails

For information on unsubscribing from product-related emails, see Edit email preferences.

For New Relic Alerts email information, see New Relic Alerts notifications.

Unsubscribe for multiple accounts

If you have more than one New Relic account, you must opt in or out of email subscriptions individually for each account. For details, see Edit email preferences.

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