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Introduction to notifications

Notifications are a consolidation of the different ways to send notification-events to third-party services, such as Slack, Jira, ServiceNow, and email. You can also use webhooks to send your data to any compatible third-party service.

Integrate with your systems by configuring destinations and message templates.


Destinations are unique identifiers and connection details for third-party systems. Use destinations to integrate, send notifications, and share data between New Relic and your third-party systems.

Message templates (channel)

A message template, or channel, is a configuration object containing all the information required to send a notification event triggered by workflows and other New Relic entities. “Destination” and “Properties” are the main building blocks of message templates. Message templates allow you to customize notification event data before it’s sent to your third-party destination.


You can also use our NerdGraph API to view and configure destinations and notification channels.


Credentials used for destinations and notification channels are stored securely according to New Relic security standards.

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