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NRQL query rate limits

Our New Relic query language, NRQL, has rate limits in place for each New Relic organization to ensure that our customers' rate of querying doesn't affect the experience of other customers.

Exceeding query limits

To see if you're hitting query-related limits, use the Limits UI.

You should rarely encounter limits on your NRQL queries. Here are some guidelines to follow to ensure query limiting will be rare:

  • Limit the number of complex queries (for example, queries with FACET or TIMESERIES clauses, or queries of over a million events) that run at the same time.
  • Limit the number of queries running concurrently over extended periods of time to a maximum of five, especially if they include complex queries.

NRQL query limits

We have limits on:

  • The number of data points you can query in a given time range
  • How long a query can run before erroring and stopping
  • The number of queries you can make in a given time range

Next, we'll go into more detail on these limits.

Limits on inspected data points

When a NRQL query is run, either due to a customer-initiative query or to a UI page load, that query inspects a certain number of data points in our NRDB data base. For example, when you run a NRQL query, it displays the number of data points inspected, as shown here in the bottom left:

In this context, events refers to all NRQL-stored data points inspected by a query.

The inspected count limit represents how many data points you can query in a specific range of time. These limits differ depending on which data option you have:

What counts towards inspected count?

The following actions count towards the inspected count limit for your New Relic account:

  • Loads of curated views initiated by a user (for example, when you load an UI page, the distributed tracing UI, or any UI that returns data about your organization).
  • Custom queries run by a New Relic user, whether in the UI or via API.
  • Loading widgets that run queries on custom dashboards

Alert condition evaluation and notifications do not count towards the limit but the links to New Relic that are included in an alert notification do.

When the inspected count limit is reached, the features mentioned are affected. When the count drops below the limit in the next time period, any restrictions are removed.

Query duration limit

The query duration limit is how long a NRQL query can run before it stops running and is considered an error. This limit depends on your data option:

  • Original data option: 1 minute
  • Data Plus:

Limits on number of queries

This limit only applies for NRQL queries run via our APIs, and doesn't apply to queries run from the UI.

This limit is 3,000 queries per account per minute. When this limit is exceeded, queries may be rejected until the number of queries no longer exceeds the limit.

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