New Relic data dictionary

This data dictionary lists and defines the attributes attached to New Relic events and other data objects (like Metric and Span data).

This dictionary does not contain data reported by Infrastructure integrations. To learn about that data, see the integration documentation.

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This event is reported by the New Relic Infrastructure agent. It collects data from all the Docker containers on the host (which may or may not be running). It includes the container's ID, name, image, image name, and metrics about CPU, memory and networking. We take a snapshot of this data every 15 seconds for each container and package it into this event, which is then sent to New Relic. This data appears on the Containers UI page.

Total attributes in this event: 39

Attribute name Summary
commandLine The command line used in the container.
containerId The unique Docker container ID.
cpuKernelPercent CPU time percentage used in kernel space.
cpuLimitCores Number of cores available for the container.
cpuPercent CPU usage percentage used.
cpuThrottlePeriods Total number of periods throttled.
cpuThrottleTimeMs Total throttling time in milliseconds.
cpuUsedCores CPU usage per core.
cpuUsedCoresPercent CPU usage percentage per core.
cpuUserPercent CPU time percentage used in user space.
criticalViolationCount The number of times that alert conditions violated critical thresholds, causing critical violations and opening incidents. If this attribute does not exist on the sample, it has zero violations.
image The Docker image ID for the image the container is based on.
imageName The Docker image name for the container.
label_KEY Docker labels associated with this container (where KEY represents a custom label's key value).
memoryCacheBytes The amount of memory used by the container that can be associated precisely with a block on a block device.
memoryResidentSizeBytes The amount of memory that does not correspond to anything on disk: stacks, heaps, and anonymous memory maps.
memorySizeLimitBytes The total amount of memory the container is allowed to use.
memoryUsageBytes The total memory the container is using.
name The Docker container name.
networkRxBytes Total number of received bytes.
networkRxBytesPerSecond Number of received bytes per second.
networkRxDropped Total number of received packets dropped.
networkRxDroppedPerSecond Number of received packets dropped per second.
networkRxError Total number of received packets with error.
networkRxErrorsPerSecond Number of received packets with error per second.
networkRxPackets Total number of received packets.
networkRxPacketsPerSecond Number of received packets with error per second.
networksTxBytes Total number of bytes transmitted.
networkTxBytesPerSecond Number of transmitted bytes per second.
networkTxDropped Total number of transmitted packets dropped.
networkTxDroppedPerSecond Number of transmitted packets dropped per second.
networkTxErrors Total number of transmitted packets with error.
networkTxErrorsPerSecond Number of transmitted packets with error per second.
networkTxPackets Total number of transmitted packets.
networkTxPacketsPerSecond Number of transmitted packets per second.
restartCount The number of times the container was restarted.
state It can be: created, restarting, running, removing, paused, exited, or dead.
status Holds the current container state.
warningViolationCount The number of times that alert conditions violated warning thresholds, causing warning violations.