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Device emulation

Device emulation is an optional setting available for simple and scripted browser monitors. This setting simulates the viewport and capabilities of a mobile or tablet device using the emulation capabilities of Chrome DevTools.

Device emulation allows you to test a browser-based application using a simulated generic mobile or tablet device. Keep in mind:

  • This setting does not change the network, user agent, or device type being used to execute your synthetic monitor.
  • Device emulation does not allow you to install and test mobile applications.


  • Chrome 100+ runtimes only
  • Private locations must use job manager version 225 or higher and synthetics-node-browser-runtime version 1.1.98 or higher

Configure device emulation

When adding or editing monitors, do the following:

  1. Select Device emulation.

  2. Select the Device type and Orientation based on the table below:

    Device type

    Device details


    • Resolution (portrait): 400x800
    • Resolution (landscape): 800x400
    • Pixel ratio: 3


    • Resolution (portrait): 768x1024
    • Resolution (landscape): 1024x768
    • Pixel ratio: 2
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