New Relic data dictionary

This data dictionary lists and defines the attributes attached to New Relic events and other data objects (like Metric and Span data).

This dictionary does not contain data reported by Infrastructure integrations. To learn about that data, see the integration documentation.

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SyntheticCheck returns metrics from one run of a specific monitor. These metrics include duration information for the monitor, location of the monitor check, size of the request and response headers, the type of monitor, and a timestamp. Each time a Synthetics monitor runs a check, details about the check are captured in the SyntheticCheck event type. SyntheticCheck events contain details specific to the check to provide visibility such as the status, type of monitor, and size of request and response headers.

Total attributes in this event: 18

Attribute name Summary
duration The total time between the beginning of the first HTTP request and the end of the final HTTP request, in milliseconds.
entityGuid The unique identifier of the monitor referenced in New Relic One.
error Error message returned during the monitor run, if an error message was received.
id A unique number identifying this monitor check.
location The location from which the monitor check ran. For example, AWS_US_EAST_1 identifies a location on the east coast of the United States.
locationLabel The check location (user friendly).
minionContainerSystemVersion The version of the Docker or Kubernetes running on the minion.
minionDeploymentMode Represents how the minion is deployed (e.g., wrapped as a Kubernetes pod).
monitorId A unique number identifying a particular monitor.
monitorName The name of the monitor, as shown in the Synthetics interface.
result Whether the monitor run succeeded.
timestamp The start time of the job in epoch milliseconds.
totalRequestBodySize The size of the body request to the host, in bytes.
totalRequestHeaderSize The size of the header request to the host, in bytes.
totalResponseBodySize The size of the response body returned by the host, in bytes.
totalResponseHeaderSize The size of the response header returned by the host, in bytes.
type The monitor type. Options include: SIMPLE, BROWSER, SCRIPT_BROWSER, API_TEST. Read more.
typeLabel The user-friendly name of the monitor type.