New Relic event data dictionary

New Relic data sources (agents / products / services) generate data objects called events. Events contain key-value pairs called attributes.

This dictionary does not contain events reported by integrations. To learn about the data for integrations, see the integration documentation.

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Event Types
MobileHandledException event

MobileHandledException is sent when an exception is caught and is used for non-fatal exceptions reported to New Relic using the recordHandledException API for Android or iOS.

Total attributes in this event: 9

Attribute name Summary
exceptionAppBuildUuid The build identifier (uuid) of the binary in which the exception was caught.
exceptionCause The platform-specific cause of the exception.
exceptionLocation New Relic defined location of an exception. Contains a combination of exception file name, class, line number, and method.
exceptionLocationClass Comes from the exception: The class that generated the exception.
exceptionLocationFile Comes from the exception: The file where the exception was generated.
exceptionLocationLine Comes from the exception: The line number where the exception was generated.
exceptionLocationMethod Comes from the exception: The method that generated the exception..
exceptionMessage Message associated with the exception. For Android, the Throwable message. An exception message comes from the exception. The message can be user-generated or a generic system message such as Null pointer.
exceptionName The potentially symbolicated or deobfuscated exception type.