New Relic data dictionary

This data dictionary lists and defines the attributes attached to New Relic events and other data objects (like Metric and Span data).

This dictionary does not contain data reported by Infrastructure integrations. To learn about that data, see the integration documentation.

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MobileHandledException is sent when an exception is caught and is used for non-fatal exceptions reported to New Relic using the recordHandledException API for Android or iOS.

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Attribute name Summary
exceptionAppBuildUuid The build identifier (uuid) of the binary in which the exception was caught.
exceptionCause The platform-specific cause of the exception.
exceptionLocation New Relic defined location of an exception. Contains a combination of exception file name, class, line number, and method.
exceptionLocationClass Comes from the exception: The class that generated the exception.
exceptionLocationFile Comes from the exception: The file where the exception was generated.
exceptionLocationLine Comes from the exception: The line number where the exception was generated.
exceptionLocationMethod Comes from the exception: The method that generated the exception..
exceptionMessage Message associated with the exception. For Android, the Throwable message. An exception message comes from the exception. The message can be user-generated or a generic system message such as Null pointer.
exceptionName The potentially symbolicated or deobfuscated exception type.