New Relic data dictionary

This data dictionary lists and defines the attributes attached to New Relic events and other data objects (like Metric and Span data).

This dictionary does not contain data reported by Infrastructure integrations. To learn about that data, see the integration documentation.

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A MobileRequestError is used for HTTP errors or network failures. HTTP errors are HTTP requests that have a status code greater than 400. A network failure is a HTTP request that results in no response. The event is sent when the HTTP request completes.

Total attributes in this event: 14

Attribute name Summary
bytesReceived Optional: If the application received a response from the requestUrl, the size of that response in bytes.
bytesSent Optional: If the application sent a request to the requestUrl, the size of that request in bytes.
connectionType The type of connection which the device was using, such as 2G or 3G.
deviceSize The display size of the device: Small, normal, large, xlarge.
errorType Either HTTPError or NetworkFailure, depending on whether the error is a result of a failed request to a host or a failure on the cellular network.
networkError The error message associated with the iOS NSURL Error code. See networkErrorCode for more information.
networkErrorCode If the error is a network error, this is the iOS network error code. For Android applications, this is the mapped value.
requestDomain The domain that the application attempted to access when the error occurred.
requestMethod The REST method (GET, PUT, POST, etc.) that the application attempted when the error occurred.
requestPath The path that the application attempted to access when the error occurred.
requestUrl The URL that the application attempted to access when the error occurred.
responseBody Optional: The response that is sent from the requestDomain for the HTTP error, up to 4096 bytes.
responseTime The time between the request and the response in fractional seconds.
statusCode If the error is an HTTPError, New Relic will record the statusCode of that error. You can facet on any statusCode or query for codes you're interested in.