New Relic data dictionary

This data dictionary lists and defines the attributes attached to New Relic events and other data objects (like Metric and Span data).

This dictionary does not contain data reported by Infrastructure integrations. To learn about that data, see the integration documentation.

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The MobileCrash event is created when an app crashes. MobileCrash includes attributes such as crash line number, class, and crash message.

Total attributes in this event: 24

Attribute name Summary
architecture The processor architecture of the device. For example: armv7 or arm64.
bundleId The unique string used to identify the application.
crashException The exception associated with the crash, if one is present. For example: java.lang.NullPointerException.
crashFingerprint The New Relic-generated fingerprint used to uniquely identify the crash and other crashes identical to this one.
crashLocationFile The file in which the crash occurred.
crashMessage The message associated with the crash, if one is present.
diskAvailable Space available on the device, in bytes.
interactionHistory The client interactions with the application that led to the crash.
isFirstOccurrence A boolean value indicating whether or not this was the first occurrence of the crash.
modelNumber The model of the device. This is the same as the session-level deviceModel attribute.
networkStatus The type of network that the device was on at the time of crash, such as wifi or LTE.
occurrenceId The ID for this instance of the crash.
orientation The orientation of the device, such as landscape or portrait.
osBuild For Android only. The specific build of the Android OS.
parentProcess The parent process that launched the crashing process.
parentProcessId The parent identification number (PID) of the parent process.
processId The PID of the previously running process on the device.
processName The name of the previously running process.
processPath The path to the binary.
reportedTimestampMs The UTC timestamp for when the event was received by New Relic. (This is different from timestamp, which is when the MobileSession event began that crashed.)
sessionCrashed A boolean value indicating whether or not that session crashed.
symbolicated A boolean value indicating whether or not the crash was properly symbolicated.
timeSinceLastInteraction The time, in milliseconds, since the interaction before a crash event.
userImageUuids The array of build UUIDs for applications and libraries.