New Relic data dictionary

This data dictionary lists and defines the attributes attached to New Relic events and other data objects (like Metric and Span data).

This dictionary does not contain data reported by Infrastructure integrations. To learn about that data, see the integration documentation.

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A Mobile event is created when a crash occurs, when an interaction ends or has run for 1 second, or if a session completes after the app is closed, backgrounded, or has run for 10 minutes. Mobile events were once the only event type and were generated for every event, but now there are several specialized event types. Recommendation: Upgrade to the most recent New Relic Mobile agent version to take full advantage of the new event types.

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Attribute name Summary
category The type of data, either session or interaction.
interactionDuration For interaction category events only. This is the total time for the interaction to render on the device. In addition to render time, this usually includes all external calls associated with the interaction. Currently, this attribute is measured in seconds for Android devices and in milliseconds for iOS devices.
name For interaction category events only. This is the label of the interaction associated with the event. It is by default assigned by New Relic. For example: ApplicationsListFragment or Display iOS_Example.MasterViewController.
reportedTimestampMs For interaction category events only. The UTC based timestamp for when the event was sent to New Relic. This is different from the attribute ‘timestamp’, which is when the event began.