New Relic event data dictionary

New Relic data sources (agents / products / services) generate data objects called events. Events contain key-value pairs called attributes.

This dictionary does not contain events reported by integrations. To learn about the data for integrations, see the integration documentation.

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Event Types
Account Usage
NrAuditEvent event

An NrAuditEvent is created by New Relic services to record configuration changes made in New Relic products. The data gathered for this event includes the type of account change, actor (user or API key) that made the change, a human-readable description of the action taken, and a timestamp for the change.

Total attributes in this event: 11

Attribute name Summary
actionIdentifier Indicates an action that was taken in a New Relic account. Read more.
actorAPIKey ID of the API key taking action. The API key is partially obfuscated to ensure privacy of the key.
actorEmail Email address for the person who made the change.
actorId ID of the person taking action.
actorIpAddress The IP address for the person or API key where the action initiated.
actorType Identifies whether the action was initiated by a user (person) or with an API key that is not associated with a user. Read more.
description Human-readable description of the action taken. For example: Added to roles Browser manager.
id Unique ID of the audit event.
targetId ID of the object (targetType) that changed. For example, if the targetType is a user, this is the person's New Relic user ID.
targetType The object that changed: account, role, or user.
timestamp Date and time the audit event occurred. Used to specify a day or range of dates. Read more.