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On-host integrations: Installation and configuration

Some of our on-host integrations are built in a specific way and tightly bundled with the infrastructure agent, meaning they have similar install and configuration processes.

This documentation contains the basic installation procedures for these types of integrations. For technical details about how these integrations work, see On-host integration data reporting.

Installation methods

Your services may be running on a single physical host, on a VM, or in a container orchestrated by Kubernetes or Amazon ECS. Choose your desired installation method.

After you do the basic install of an integration, you must return to the documentation for a specific integration to read the configuration instructions.

Orchestrated environments

Our options for containerized, orchestrated environments:

Running on VMs or on-premises hosts

Choose your scenario:

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Update the agent

To keep on-host integrations up to date, follow standard procedures to update the on-host integration package.

Technical details

These integrations are built with the same file structure and configuration structure. For details about their structure and how they report data, see Data reporting.

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