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Get custom data into New Relic from any source

To get the most out of New Relic, you may need or want to report custom data. We give you the tools you need to get any types of data into New Relic.

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New Relic products report a lot of data automatically, no additional configuration required! When you use monitoring solutions like , , , infrastructure monitoring, or any of our assorted integrations and quickstarts, by default you receive various types of performance data.

But you may want to bring data into New Relic that isn't collected by default. Maybe you want an API-based solution that doesn't require the installation of an agent. Maybe you want to bring telemetry data from another analysis service into New Relic. Below, we'll describe several ways to get more custom sets of data into New Relic.

Report custom data with agent APIs

If you're using New Relic agents (APM, browser, or mobile), you can configure them to send custom data. To learn more, see the docs for the agent you're using.

Report custom infrastructure data

If our infrastructure integrations don't meet your needs, you can use our Flex integration to report any type of infrastructure-related metrics or configuration settings to New Relic.

If you are a medium to large enterprise organization and want to use SAP® technology to manage your business operations and customer relations, you can use our SAP integration.

Report data from open-source telemetry services and specs

You can review all our integrations on our quickstarts page. Here are some of our more popular integrations with third-party, open-source telemetry services and specifications:

Report custom attributes and events

You can decorate some New Relic-reported events with custom metadata. For more on that, see Custom attributes.

You can also report entirely custom events to New Relic with our Event API.

Custom attributes and events can then be queried and charted.

Report custom trace data

Our Trace API lets you send distributed tracing data to New Relic and consolidate trace data from multiple sources in one place. We accept trace data in two formats:

  • Zipkin format
  • New Relic format (if you don't have Zipkin-format data, you'd use this)

Report custom log data

If our existing logging integrations don't meet your needs, you can use our Log API to send any arbitrary log data to New Relic.

Create custom data visualizations

Interested in building custom queries, charts, and dashboards? To get started querying, see Introduction to NRQL. When you make a query, you can take the resulting chart and add it to a dashboard.

If you require more power and customization than our charts and allow, you can also create your own New Relic app, or customize an existing one from the app catalog. New Relic apps live on our platform, and can be shared with your team or the public.

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