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Uninstall New Relic agents

Some New Relic solutions require installation of an agent. You can uninstall the agent if you want it to stop reporting data. If you need to uninstall New Relic completely, follow the procedures for your agent.

If you encounter problems, see support.newrelic.com.

Before you uninstall


For paying New Relic organizations, an alternative to uninstalling is to downgrade to a lower edition.

Uninstall APM

After uninstalling agents or making a change to your startup script, you must restart your app (or the app server or web server where it is located). You must do this because New Relic agents typically run in the memory of the process running the app. Simply removing those files will not stop the applications that are currently running from sending data to New Relic.

Remove apps from UI

See Remove apps from UI.

Uninstall browser agent

Choose a procedure:

Uninstall infrastructure agent

Choose a procedure:

Delete organization

See Downgrade/cancel your organization.

Uninstall other tools

For uninstall instructions for solutions not listed here, see the docs for a specific New Relic solution.

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