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Introduction to our observability maturity series

New Relic's Observability maturity practice is about making our customers successful in one or more of the value drivers shown in the diagram on the right. This practice aims to identify common customer needs, articulate them, and define a path forward to meet them.


This series is aimed at optimizing your observability. For best results, you should have some experience using New Relic. If you're looking for tips on initially setting up New Relic, see our implementation guide.

The Observability maturity section of docs includes:

  • Use case implementation guides. Each implementation guide defines KPIs to measure and improve as well as how to improve them. The value realization section in each guide outlines the value of the use case to practitioners and to the business.
  • Reference guides. These are referenced within the implementation guides. They explain industry concepts in greater detail or cover how to do something, such as improve a specific KPI.
  • Links to self-paced training and hands-on labs.

The content in these resources comes from industry best practices, our experiences consulting with customers, as well as our own experiences as software engineers, operations engineers, and SREs. It's open source, and we'd love your contributions. Have feedback or ideas? Click the feedback button on the right side on any doc.

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