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Introduction to New Relic Pathpoint

New Relic Pathpoint is an enterprise platform tracker that offers a unique approach to business journey observability. It models system health in relation to actual user-impacting business stages.

By monitoring and analyzing the health and performance of all components of the customer journey, including all internal processes and external dependencies, Pathpoint allows organizations to easily identify and resolve issues that impact the customer journey, optimize internal processes, and improve the overall customer experience.

Want to understand Pathpoint benefits at a high level? See the Pathpoint marketing page.

New Relic Pathpoint helps large organizations monitor and analyze a wide range of data no matter where it comes from in their system, which help them more efficiently optimize their processes.

Overview of Pathpoint resources

This set of docs will tell you important concepts and procedures about Pathpoint. For more detail, or to learn how to customize your use of Pathpoint, see our GitHub repo for Pathpoint.

Pathpoint components

Pathpoint can be a key part of optimizing your business observability. It maps an organization's customer journey, from the initial interaction with the organization through to the completion of the transaction.

Each Pathpoint is divided into:

By tracking each of these components, Pathpoint provides a comprehensive view of how customers interact with an organization at every stage of their journey. This makes it possible to identify and diagnose issues quickly, optimize the customer experience, and make data-driven decisions to drive better business outcomes.

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