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Install PathPoint

New Relic Pathpoint can be integrated with almost any New Relic account to provide comprehensive business journey observability. To get started, it's important to have telemetry data that is relevant to your organization. This can include metrics, events, logs, or traces. While APM events and logs are a common starting point for Pathpoint, the choice of telemetry data is entirely up to you.

Before getting started with Pathpoint, you must install it in your New Relic account.

Install Pathpoint from the New Relic catalog

To install Pathpoint:

Go to [one.newrelic.com][https://one.newrelic.com] > + Integrations & Agents.

Select Apps and visualizations, and search for pathpoint.

Click on the installation icon for the verified Pathpoint, and then click Add this app.

Pathpoint is now added to your New Relic account and you can access it under Apps.

Once you've installed Pathpoint, you can customize its configuration by simply upload your modified JSON file to Pathpoint. In addition, you can make changes to the stages, steps, and touchpoints, and save the current configuration as a JSON file. Learn more about configuring Pathpoint.

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