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Monitor your Unreal Engine mobile app

Our New Relic Unreal Engine Plugin monitors your Unreal Engine mobile app and provides deep insights into your app's performance, errors, and user experience. Once you install and configure the Unreal Engine Plugin, you'll be able to:

  • Capture C++ errors: Quickly identify and fix problems.
  • Create custom events and metrics: Understand how your users interact with your app.
Summary view of a Unreal Engine app in New Relic

one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > Mobile > (select an app) > Summary: View Unreal Engine data, and errors, and monitor how your app is performing over time.

Manual installation

If you need to install the plugin manually, follow the steps below.

Review the requirements

Before you install the Unreal Engine Plugin, make sure your Unreal Engine app meets these version requirements:

Add the agent to your project

  1. In your project's root directory, create a folder named Plugins.
  2. Copy the NewRelic folder on Github. You should have something like
├── Plugins
└── NewRelic
└── NewRelic.uplugin

Click Restart Now to continue with additional configuration.

To allow interfacing between the agent and your C++ code, add NewRelic to the list of dependencies in your game module’s .Build.cs file:

Add application token(s)

To authenticate your Unreal Engine app's data with New Relic, add your application token(s) using one of these options:

  • In your project settings under Plugins → NewRelic, paste your app tokens(s) in the New Relic App Token field(s). If you want to have separate New Relic mobile apps (one of Android and one for iOS), then you'll need to add both app tokens.

    Screenshot of app token fields in project settings
  • In your Config/DefaultEngine.ini file, add the following to /Script/NewRelic.NewRelicSDKSettings, making sure add your own app token(s):


Customize the agent instrumentation

Need to customize your agent instrumentation? Our public mobile SDK API methods let you collect custom data, configure default settings, and more.

The following customizations are available for the Unreal Engine Plugin.

If you want to...

Use this method

Record breadcrumbs to track app activity that may be helpful for troubleshooting crashes.

Record breadcrumbs

Track a method as an interaction.

Start interactions

Stop interactions

Record custom metrics.

Record custom metrics

Record an exception.

Record errors

Record custom attributes and events.

There are several ways to report custom attributes and events:

To determine which method to use, see Report mobile monitoring custom events and attributes.

Shut down the agent.

Shut down the agent

Run a test crash report.

Test crash reporting

Monitor C++ errors

In the New Relic UI, you can view your fatal and non-fatal C++ errors and handled exceptions, including details like event trails, attributes, and stack traces for each recorded error.

To view your errors:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > Mobile.
  2. Select your Unreal Engine app.
  3. Click Exceptions > Handled exceptions.

You can also build a dashboard for these errors using this query:

SELECT * FROM MobileHandledException SINCE 24 hours ago

For more information on NRQL queries, see Introduction to NRQL.

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