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New Relic One usage plan descriptions

This document is about the New Relic One pricing model. For an explanation of how that plan works, see New Relic One pricing. The document below goes into license-level details.

The Usage Plan applies to (i) your Pay As You Go subscription, or (ii) your Commitment Term for the Annual Pool of Funds subscription (see a description of these two plans). New Relic may modify the Usage Plan from time to time. Any changes to the Usage Plan will become effective immediately for changes that provide a benefit or right to the Customer, all other changes will become effective if Customer assents or upon any new or renewal Commitment Term.

Usage Plan - Effective as January 12, 2022:

The Order and Usage Plan may contain defined terms that are denoted by capitalization. In the event that a capitalized term is not defined in either the Order or the Usage Plan, such terms shall have the meaning set forth in the New Relic One pricing definitions page.

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