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Usage plan

This Usage Plan provides details relevant to New Relic's usage-based pricing model for customers on a Buying Program identified below.


Beginning February 1, 2023, we refer to subscriptions, such as "Savings Plan" and "Volume Plan" in this Usage Plan, as "Buying Programs" instead. Updates to Orders to reference "Buying Program" instead of "Subscriptions" will be made on a rolling basis. If your Order references a "Subscription," then it means the relevant "Buying Programs" further described below.

This Usage plan applies to New Relic's usage-based pricing model and Buying Programs described herein. New Relic may modify the Usage Plan from time to time. Any changes to the Usage Plan will become effective immediately for changes that provide a benefit or right to the Customer or changes to the list prices section; all other changes will become effective if Customer assents or upon any new or renewal Commitment Term. New Relic may provide additional rights to your Buying Program, which are effective upon delivery of the written notice, provided such new rights are to the benefit of the Customer and such notice has been delivered through the Account or via the email address customer.notices@newrelic.com.

Undefined terms used in this Usage Plan or Order shall have the meaning set forth herein or in New Relic usage-based pricing definitions.

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