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Acceptable use policy

New Relic’s mission is to instrument, measure and improve the internet to help our customers create more perfect software, experiences and businesses.

We strive to keep our resources operating efficiently, so our services are available to all subscribers. Because you have access to shared resources, we have put these rules in place to ensure everyone has a great experience. For example, you as a tenant would not want other tenants to engage in the types of activities described below.

To help us do this, we have put some rules in place regarding your use of the New Relic Properties and created this Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”).

This AUP applies if you use any New Relic product, service, software, website, forum, page or system (collectively, the “New Relic Properties”) and is part of the New Relic documentation, which can be found at https://docs.newrelic.com (the “Documentation”).

You will not, and not to allow third parties, in connection with your use of the New Relic Properties to:

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