Amazon ElastiCache monitoring integration

New Relic infrastructure integrations include an integration for reporting your Amazon ElastiCache data to New Relic. This document explains how the integration works and what data can be reported.


Amazon ElastiCache is a web service that makes it easy to deploy, operate, and scale an in-memory data store or cache in the cloud. New Relic's ElastiCache integration reports data from your Amazon ElastiCache instances, including CPU data, bytes in and out, memory, and data specific to the Redis and Memcached services. New Relic integrations give you the ability to create alert conditions for your data, as well as query and create charts in New Relic One.

Activate integration

To enable this integration follow standard procedures to Connect AWS services to New Relic.

Configuration and polling

You can change the polling frequency and filter data using configuration options.

Default polling information for the Amazon ElastiCache integration:

  • New Relic polling interval: 5 minutes
  • Amazon CloudWatch data interval: 1 minute or 5 minutes

Find and use data

To find this integration's data, go to > Infrastructure > AWS and select one of the ElastiCache integration links.

You can query and explore your data using the DatastoreSample event type, with a provider value of ElastiCacheRedisNode, ElastiCacheRedisCluster, or ElastiCacheMemcachedNode.

For more on how to find and use integration data, see Understand integration data.

Metric data

Standard ElastiCache data

This integration collects the following data from all ElastiCache instances:

For full descriptions, see Amazon ElastiCache Metrics and Dimensions.

Name Data type
CPUUtilization percent
CpuCreditUsage count
CpuCreditBalance count
DatabaseMemoryUsagePercentage percent
FreeableMemory bytes
NetworkBytesIn bytes
NetworkBytesOut bytes
SwapUsage bytes

Redis-specific ElastiCache data

This integration collects the following information from Redis instances, in addition to the standard ElastiCache data.

For full descriptions, see Amazon ElastiCache Metrics for Redis.

Name Data type
BytesUsedForCache bytes
CacheHits integer
CacheHitRate percent
CacheInteger integer
CacheMisses integer
CurrConnections integer
CurrItems count
Db0AverageTtl integer (milliseconds)
EvalBasedCmds count
EvalBasedCmdsLatency integer (microseconds)
Evictions integer
GeoSpatialBasedCmds count
GeoSpatialBasedCmdsLatency integer (microseconds)
GetTypeCmds count
GetTypeCmdsLatency integer (microseconds)
HashBasedCmds count
HashBasedCmdsLatency integer (microseconds)
HyperLogLogBasedCommands integer
HyperLogLogBasedCmdsLatency integer (microseconds)
KeyBasedCmds count
KeyBasedCmdsLatency integer (microseconds)
ListBasedCmds count
ListBasedCmdsLatency integer (microseconds)
MasterLinkHealthStatus integer
MemoryFragmentationRatio integer
NewConnections integer
PubSubBasedCmds count
PubSubBasedCmdsLatency integer (microseconds)
Reclaimed integer
ReplicationBytes bytes
ReplicationLag integer (seconds)
SaveInProgress integer
SetBasedCmds count
SetBasedCmdsLatency integer (microseconds)
SetTypeCmds count
SetTypeCmdsLatency integer (microseconds)
SortedSetBasedCmds count
SortedBasedCmdsLatency integer (microseconds)
StreamBasedCmdsLatency integer (microseconds)
StringBasedCmds count
StringBasedCmdsLatency integer (microseconds)

Memcached-specific ElastiCache data

This integration collects the following data from Memcached instances, in addition to the standard ElastiCache data.

For full descriptions, see Amazon ElastiCache Metrics for Memcached.

Name Data type
bytesReadIntoMemcached bytes
bytesusedForCacheItems bytes
bytesWrittenOutFromMemcached bytes
casBadval count
casHits count
casMisses count
cmdFlush count
cmdGet count
cmdSet count
decrHits count
decrMisses count
deleteHits count
deleteMisses count
getHits count
getMisses count
incrHits count
incrMisses count
bytesUsedForHash bytes
cmdConfigGet count
cmdConfigSet count
cmdTouch count
currConfig count
evictedUnfetched count
expiredUnfetched count
slabsMoved count
touchHits count
touchMisses count
newItems count
unusedMemory bytes

Inventory data

This integration reports ElastiCache configuration options as inventory data. For more about inventory data, see Understand integration data.

For full descriptions, see Amazon ElastiCache Snapshot.

Name Data type
autoMinorVersionUpgrade boolean
awsRegion string
cacheNodeType string
engine string
engineVersion string
numCacheNodes integer
preferredAvailabilityZone string
replicationGroupId string
snapshotRetentionLimit integer (days)

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources: