Browser data doesn't match other analytics tools


You see different data in New Relic Browser than other analytics tools you use. Common symptoms include:

  • New Relic Browser records fewer page views than you expect.
  • New Relic Browser's geographical distribution for your users differs from the locations of your expected user base.
  • New Relic Browser shows a different number of active sessions than you see elsewhere.


Follow these troubleshooting steps for browser monitoring:

  1. Check whether New Relic Browser is properly installed in all of your application's pages.
  2. If the JavaScript snippets are missing, or if users are unable to send data to New Relic, follow the steps for troubleshooting browser monitoring installation.
  3. If you have a single-page style application and are expecting to see your route changes as views, consider using New Relic Browser SPA monitoring, which provides an integrated view of initial page loads and route changes.

If New Relic Browser is working properly, you may be seeing different results because New Relic collects and presents information differently from other analytics tools. For more information about how New Relic collects data, see:

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