Delete apps from New Relic Browser

Owner, Admins, or Add-on Managers

The ability to delete applications from New Relic Browser depends on your role and the type of app (monitored by New Relic APM or a standalone Browser app).

If you disable New Relic Browser for your app, users may still have a copy of your pages in their cache, and they can continue to load the pages.

Delete APM-monitored apps

You cannot delete APM-monitored apps directly from New Relic Browser's Applications index, because they are associated with an APM agent as well. Instead, the account Owner or Admin must delete APM-monitored apps from the New Relic APM Applications index. Also, the app's health status indicator on the Applications index must be gray (no data being reported) before the account can be deleted from New Relic APM.

Delete standalone Browser apps

To delete a standalone browser app completely, you must have an Owner, Admin, Browser add-on manager role, or User role for the account.

  1. Remove New Relic Browser's JavaScript snippet from your application's pages.
  2. Go to
  3. From the Browser apps index, verify that the app's health status indicator is gray (no data being reported).
  4. From the standalone browser app's row on the Browser apps index, select , and then select Delete app.

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