This list is current. Last updated 22 September 2015.

This is a list of the IP addresses and domains used by New Relic collectors (for example, for communicating with the New Relic agent installed on your server.

APM agents

To enhance network performance and security, New Relic uses a CDN and DDoS prevention service with a large IP range. New Relic agents require your firewall to allow outgoing connections to the following networks and ports:




  • TCP 80
  • TCP 443

The following ranges are not currently used, but may be in the future. At present you do not need to allow outgoing connections to them.



Agent downloads

Service for is provided through Fastly and is subject to change without warning. For the most current list of public IP addresses for New Relic agent downloads, see

Infrastructure agents

In order to report data to New Relic, Infrastructure needs outbound access to these domains and ports:

  • Domain:
  • Port: 443
  • Domain+Port:

If your system needs a proxy to connect to these domains, use the proxy setting.

For environments that require a static set of IP addresses for firewall rules, New Relic provides an alternative collection endpoint. You can configure it by adding the following line to your newrelic-infra.yml file:


You can then whitelist the following IP/port pairs:


Browser domains

In addition to the agent IP addresses, New Relic Browser applications use outgoing connections to the following domains:


Mobile domains

In addition to the IP addresses above, New Relic Mobile applications use outgoing connections to the following domains:


Synthetics public locations

To configure your firewall to allow New Relic Synthetics to access your monitored URL, use Synthetics public minion IPs.

Synthetics private locations

Synthetics private minions report to You'll need to configure your firewall to allow the minion to access this endpoint. This endpoint is dynamic.

Availability monitoring IP addresses

If you want to configure your firewall to allow New Relic to access your monitoring URL, whitelist the following origin IP addresses for the availability monitoring pingers. The region names also appear in the New Relic user interface.

These ranges do not apply to New Relic Synthetics.

IP address Region name Location Chicago Illinois US West 2 Oregon EU West 1 Ireland AP Northeast 1 Japan AP Southeast 1 Singapore US East 1 Virginia

The following IP addresses are currently reserved for future availability monitoring use. Whitelist them for forward compatibility.

IP address Region name Location US East 1 Virginia US West 1 California US West 2 Oregon EU West 1 Ireland SA East 1 Brazil US West 1 California AP Northeast 1 Tokyo AP Southeast 1 Singapore AP Southeast 2 Sydney AP Southeast 2 Sydney SA East 1 Brazil

Webhook alerts

New Relic-generated webhooks for alert policies will be sent from an IP address in the or network block.

For more help

Additional documentation resources include:

  • Security and Data security (overview of New Relic's security policies, including data collection, transmission, storage, and proxies)
  • Security for New Relic Browser (overview of New Relic Browser's security measures, including CDN access for the file to the domain or to one of the New Relic beacons)

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