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Filter entities with the entity filter bar

The entity filter bar lets you filter down to the monitored entities you want to examine, and lets you save filters for later use.

Find the filter bar

The entity filter is located at the top of many New Relic UI pages. It's visible on the All entities view, which is the first thing you see when you load New Relic, and it's visible in our APM UI, our UI, our infrastructure UI, and more.

Tips for using the filter bar

Some tips for using the filter bar:

  • Type in a string of characters and/or numbers (for example, an environment) to find any entity that has this string in their name or ID. When typing, the UI suggests items that coincide with the string you're entering, so you can select one of those from the dropdown. You can also filter by the name of the entity, the entity type, account ID, environment, or a tag. Selection parameters, once created, have a blue background.
  • If you filter using a string, the filter will have the = operator.
  • If you filter using the dropdown menu, once the first element of the searched item (tag key or attribute) is entered, you need to select an operator (=, !=, LIKE, NOT_LIKE, IN, NOT IN) for your filter.
  • Once the operator is selected, complete the filter by selecting the value to complete the search item.

To add more filters, first you have to select an operator, AND or OR. Tips on using these:

  • Use AND to indicate you want to restrict the selection removing entities from the list of results. You can also use the AND operator to add conditions that need to be met in the list of results, for example, entityType = Services AND location = APAC.
    • Note that entityType = Services AND entityType = Hosts doesn’t return any results, as entities can only have one type and no entity would match this condition.
  • Use OR to add more entities to the selection. For example, the filter entityType = Services OR entityType = Hosts returns every entity you have access to that is of type Services or Hosts.

If your filter is very complex, try using the NRQL query builder. For more information on NRQL queries, see How to use NRQL.

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