Select the time zone for alert activity

By default, the Incidents and Events pages for New Relic Alerts show incidents and events with UTC timestamps. This is useful, for example, for teams that are distributed across geographical time zones, so that you can communicate about the incident or event with a common time frame.

The UTC time switch is available only from New Relic Alerts.

Switch between UTC and your time zone

utc timezone setting
Go to, and then select the UTC switch to toggle between UTC and the time zone you selected from (account) > User preferences.

You can easily switch between UTC and the time zone you selected for your user preferences:

  1. Go to
  2. From the New Relic Alerts menu bar, select the UTC switch below your account settings.

All of your New Relic Alerts pages immediately refresh with your time zone. To return to the UTC view, select the switch again.

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