NewRelic.Api.Agent.NewRelic.SetTransactionUri(Uri $uri)
Sets the URI of the current transaction.


Must be called inside a transaction.

Agent version 6.16 or higher.

This method only works when used within a transaction created using the Transaction attribute with the Web property set to true. (See Instrument using attributes.) It provides support for custom web-based frameworks that the agent does not automatically support.


Sets the URI of the current transaction. The URI appears in the 'request.uri' attribute of transaction traces and transaction events, and also can affect transaction naming.

If you use this call multiple times within the same transaction, each call overwrites the previous call. The last call sets the URI.

Note: as of agent version 8.18, the 'request.uri' attribute's value is set to the value of the Uri.AbsolutePath property of the System.Uri object passed to the API.


Parameter Description



The URI of this transaction.


var uri = new System.Uri("");

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