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Update the .NET agent

How to update the APM .NET agent.

Check your .NET agent version

  1. Refer to the release notes to find the latest version of the agent.
  2. Check the version of the .NET agent you currently have installed by using Windows Programs and Features or by using your Linux package manager.
  3. Follow the update instructions for your agent:

Update the .NET agent (Windows)


Before updating:

  • Updating the agent requires Administrator rights in your Windows admin group. For more information, see the permissions documentation.
  • If your agent version is lower than 7.0 or you are using .NET Framework version 4.0 or lower, see Update legacy .NET agent.

Update the .NET agent (Linux)


For .NET agent versions 10.0.0 or higher, the name of the package is newrelic-dotnet-agent. For .NET agent versions 9.9.0 or lower, the name of the package is newrelic-netcore20-agent. The rest of this document will refer to newrelic-dotnet-agent; replace this with the older name if you have an older agent version installed.

Use one of the following methods to update to the latest version of New Relic's .NET agent:

Update older .NET Framework agents (lower than 7.0)

If you're considering updating a .NET Framework agent version that's lower than 7.0, review the following notes. To see the agent version you have, see Check agent version. For a full list of agent changes, see the .NET release notes.

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