NewRelic.Api.Agent.NewRelic.DisableBrowserMonitoring([boolean $override])
Disable automatic injection of Browser monitoring snippet on specific pages.


Compatible with all agent versions.

Must be called inside a transaction.


Add this call to disable the automatic injection of Browser monitoring scripts on specific pages. You can also add an optional override to disable both manual and automatic injection. In either case, put this API call as close as possible to the top of the view in which you want Browser disabled.

Compare GetBrowserTimingHeader(), which adds the Browser script to the page.


Parameter Description



Optional. When true, disables all injection of Browser scripts. This flag affects both manual and automatic injection. This also overrides the GetBrowserTimingHeader() call.


Disable automatic injection

This example disables only the automatic injection of the snippet:


Disable automatic and manual injection

This example disables both automatic and manual injection of the snippet:


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