Agent established releases

New Relic defines an established release as one that has been successfully deployed and extensively used in production by our customers. The release is not known to have any critical issues, and all the known issues have been documented.

Generally, New Relic recommends using the latest agent version. For more information, see the agent's release notes.

To download and install the latest agent version, see Install the agent or Update the agent. Established releases are generally not the most current release and therefore may not include the latest set of features and capabilities.

Java established releases

The current Java agent established release versions include:

Java SE 6, 7, 8

Current established release for Java 6, 7, and 8: 3.42.0 (download).

For a list of known issues, see Java agent 3.42.0 release notes.

Java SE 5

Current established release for Java SE 5: 2.21.7 (download).

For a list of known issues, see Java agent 2.21.7 release notes.

.NET established release

The current .NET Framework agent's established release version is (download). Before upgrading from the established release, check for major changes between earlier .NET agent versions that may affect your app installation.

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