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Introduction to user management

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This doc is for users on our New Relic One user model.

Some important things to note before starting:

User management docs

Here are our main docs for managing these users:

  • User model/structure: learn some basic aspects of our user model, such as what basic users and full users are, how groups (like Admin and User) work, and how roles and capabilities work.
  • How to manage users: an overview of user management concepts, where to manage users in the UI, and some common user management tasks.
  • Authentication domain settings: configure an authentication domain, which governs how your users are added to New Relic (manually versus SCIM provisioning), the authentication method they use (manual login versus SAML SSO), managing how basic users become full users, and user session settings.
  • For an overview of SAML SSO and SCIM options, see Introduction to SAML and SCIM.
  • A tutorial on how to create access grants, which is how you give users access to roles and accounts.

Want to understand how user count affects billing? See User-related billing.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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