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Scroll on for more about our Telemetry Data Platform, Full-Stack Observability, and Applied Intelligence. Or, to get a wider view of our platform's capabilities, read the Intro to New Relic, and use our solutions and best practices guides.

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Start collecting data

Our UI guides you through setup and install.

Set up alerts

Get notified quickly about changes in your system.

Telemetry Data Platform

Ingest, visualize, and alert on all your telemetry data in one place.

Introduction to Telemetry Data Platform

How to manage all your monitoring in one place.

Data explorer

Query and build charts with NRQL, our PromQL-style syntax, or our visual chart builder.


Combine data from anywhere in our platform into customized dashboards.

Log management

Get logs alongside your telemetry data with our fast, scalable log management.


Find APIs to send data in, get data out, or manage the New Relic platform.

Manage data

Monitor and control your data usage.

Build on New Relic One

Learn how to build custom apps on our platform at developer.newrelic.com

Full-Stack Observability

Analyze and troubleshoot problems easily across your entire software stack.

Alerts and Applied Intelligence (AI)

Automatically detect anomalies, correlate issues, and reduce alert noise.

New Relic integrations

Integrations connect the technologies in your stack to New Relic. Here are a few of our 370+ integrations:

Back-end, front-end, and mobile applications

Browser (JavaScript)

Infrastructure and cloud platforms

Open-source monitoring systems

See all 370+ integrations

Security, privacy, and legal information

Find out how we ensure security, data privacy, and compliance, and find our terms of service.

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