Security Bulletin NR19-03


A security update for the .NET agent corrects an issue where certain character combinations may prevent query obfuscation when instrumenting Microsoft SQL Server.

Release date: April 22, 2019

Vulnerability identifier: NR19-03

Priority: Medium

Affected software

The following New Relic agent versions are affected:

Name Affected version Notes Remediated version

.NET agent

< 8.15.455.0 8.15.455.0
.NET agent <

Vulnerability information

When configured to obfuscate SQL queries, the .NET agent will pass all queries through an obfuscation function. Due to the way Microsoft SQL Server sanitizes queries, certain character combinations may be generated that could cause this obfuscation to fail.

Mitigating factors

This vulnerability only exists when instrumenting Microsoft SQL Server and query obfuscation is enabled.


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