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Interpret the nrdiag output

After executing the Diagnostics CLI from your terminal, you will see the results for each task as they are completed. Tasks that result in a Warning or Failure status code will log additional details regarding possible issues found during execution, along with troubleshooting suggestions and relevant links to documentation.


The Diagnostics CLI outputs any issues it found with your installation, along with troubleshooting suggestions.

File output

The Diagnostics CLI outputs three files:

Diagnostics output files



A flattened folder structure with one or more config files and any existing New Relic logs. Attach this file to support tickets. This archive also contains a copy of nrdiag-output.json


Output of the individual tests. Attach this output to tickets.


A list of files found. The nrdiag-output.zip file that you attach to support tickets automatically includes this list. You do not need to attach this .txt file separately.

Result status codes

The Diagnostics CLI returns the following status codes after running:

Status code



Task successfully executed with no issues detected.


Task successfully executed. However, possible issues detected.


Task failed with issues detected.


Task unable to execute. This could be due to a permissions issues.


Task was determined irrelevant to detected environment and was not executed.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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