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Find help and use the Support portal

New Relic offers a variety of support options, including online help, a troubleshooting tool, open source documentation with detailed procedures and troubleshooting tips, and support assistance in (and out) of the Platform.

Access support resources in our platform

All in-product support resources are accessible while navigating our platform: Just select the small ? icon from the top right navigation menu.

The in-product support view provides visibility into what's new with New Relic, our documentation, and our Support Forum. The support sidebar provides rapid access to all our support tools.

Ask in New Relic's Support Forum, our free forum

New Relic's Explorer Hub is our forum that's free for all users. New Relic users and employees engage every day in conversations to troubleshoot and solve issues, find workarounds, and discuss new features.

Run the New Relic Diagnostics tool

New Relic Diagnostics is our automated diagnostic tool for Linux, Windows, and Mac. If it detects a problem with any of our agents, it suggests solutions and saves troubleshooting logs that you can attach to tickets.

Find answers in New Relic Docs and New Relic University

New Relic's docs site contains helpful installation, configuration, and troubleshooting tips. From the main page, select from frequently-used categories and topics, like release notes. Or, search from any page.

For a library of additional videos, webinars, and other information about using New Relic features, visit New Relic University and newrelic.com/resources.

Contribute to our documentation

At the right-hand side of each public doc you'll find a feedback widget. Use it to tell us whether a page is helpful, create an issue, or edit the page.

New Relic Docs - Feedback

Our documentation is open source and available in GitHub, and we encourage you to contribute! We really care about ensuring our docs are helpful, complete, and accurate. To edit a page, click the Edit page button in any document to create a pull request with the edit you think is needed. We don't want you to worry about style. When you edit a file, tech writers on our team review it for style, grammar, and formatting.

Don't find what you need? File a documentation issue

If you can't find an answer in the documentation, you can file an issue to ask us for help. When you find places the docs could be better, let us know too! To do it, click the Create issue button in any document and we'll look into your problem to find a solution.

File a case in the platform or support portal

If none of the above methods worked, click the ? icon on the top right menu, or go to support.newrelic.com. The support portal gives you access to unified search across all of New Relic's help resources. If you can't find what you're looking for, and your subscription level includes technical support, file a support ticket.


Support for preview features may not be available.

To file a new case from the platform:

  1. Go to the I need more help button under Looking for more help? on the right panel.
Help button
  1. Select your account.
  2. Click Create a Support case.
  3. Provide as many details as possible. Include the URL, if applicable, or select Attach file to include a log file, a New Relic diagnostics file, screenshots, or any other useful attachments.
  4. Click Submit.

To file a new case from the support portal:

  1. Go to support.newrelic.com > Login.
  2. From the support portal, select the area of New Relic you need help with.
  3. Select your account.
  4. Provide as many details as possible. Include the URL, if applicable, or select Attach file to include a log file, a New Relic diagnostics file, screenshots, or any other useful attachments.
  5. Click Submit.

Check the status of our systems

It's always a good idea to visit status.newrelic.com to check the status of our systems. If there are open incidents, you'll be able to find more information.

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