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Diagnostics CLI (nrdiag) release notesRSS

June 25
Diagnostics CLI (nrdiag) v3.2.7

January 22
Diagnostics CLI (nrdiag) v3.2.6


  • Checks for high security mode now only occur for local configuration files and environment variables. Customers can upload the results to their account. (#212)

December 11, 2023
Diagnostics CLI (nrdiag) v3.2.5


  • Removed API Key from the payload for the usage endpoint. (#209)
  • Added hostname to payload for usage endpoint. (#210)

November 16, 2023
Diagnostics CLI (nrdiag) v3.2.4


  • Updated golang.org/x/net to version 0.17.0 to resolve CVE-2023-39325 (#204)
  • Fixed a panic in the Base/Config/Validate task when validating newrelic.js config files (#206)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause executable files to be included in the nrdiag-output.zip (#207)

October 19, 2023
Diagnostics CLI (nrdiag) v3.2.3


  • Fixed an issue that caused Base/Config/Validate to panic when parsing newrelic.js config files (#202)

October 5, 2023
Diagnostics CLI (nrdiag) v3.2.2


  • Fixed an issue with Base/Collector/ConnectUS and Base/Collector/ConnectEU that caused the tasks to always return a Warning. (#199)

October 3, 2023
Diagnostics CLI (nrdiag) v3.2.1

Task updates

  • Added new task to check if the user executing the CLI has root permissions. (#195)
  • Updated Infra/Log/Collect to include relevant environment variables and default log locations. (#195)
  • Updated Infra/Agent/Debug to make log collection more reliable and to allow log collection to be interrupted gracefully. (#195)
  • Fixed an issue with Base/Log/Copy that resulted in a blank entry being added to the list of logs to copy. (#195)
  • Fixed the Success summary message for Dotnet/Config/Agent. (#196)
  • Added Ruby agent environment variables NEW_RELIC_LOG_FILE_PATH and NEW_RELIC_LOG_FILE_NAME to the list of environment variables to check when collecting logs. (#196)
  • Updated Base/Collector/ConnectUS and Base/Collector/ConnectEU to use new endpoints, https://collector.newrelic.com/status/mongrel for the US and https://collector.eu.newrelic.com/status/mongrel for the EU. (#197)
  • Removed Base/Collector/ConnectTLS. This task was redundant for Base/Collector/ConnectUS and Base/Collector/ConnectEU. (#197)


  • Updated go module dependencies. (#194)

September 11, 2023
Diagnostics CLI (nrdiag) v3.2.0


  • Fixed an issue that prevented usage data from reporting (190)

September 5, 2023
Diagnostics CLI (nrdiag) v3.1.0

New Feature

Task updates

  • Updated Hotspot versions supported by the Java APM agent. (#183)


  • Fixed an issue when using -output-path where the nrdiag-filelist.txt and nrdiag-output.json files were not included in the nrdiag-output.zip. (#187)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some logs from being included in the zip. (#188)

August 17, 2023
Diagnostics CLI (nrdiag) v3.0.0


Results up to 4 GB in size can now be uploaded directly to your New Relic account


Resolved an issue with the build script for Mac arm64 builds

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