New Relic Plugins

If you're already using Oracle Database, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Memcached, Rackspace Load Balancer, or other tools to monitor your critical environment details, why not use them from a single user interface?

The New Relic Plugins product provides an open platform to monitor critical information about your entire stack. New Relic partners, PaAS and SaAS providers, third-party vendors, and plugin users can:

  • Quickly install and use publicly available plugins in Plugin Central.
  • Develop your own plugin agents to collect the metric data that matters most to your business.
  • Publish your plugins for public or private access.

Plugins is not supported with accounts that host data in the EU region data center.

New Relic Plugins Manage critical data from multiple sources, all from a single UI with the familiar New Relic look and feel. Use plugins already available from Plugin Central, or develop your own with New Relic Plugins.

Get started. Visit Plugin Central to learn how to easily download, configure, and use a plugin.

Install the plugin. Follow standard installation procedures, or use Chef or Puppet. For NPI Compatible plugins, use the simple New Relic Platform Installer (NPI) command line utility.

View plugin data. Select your plugin's short name or icon directly from the New Relic Plugins UI, and start exploring the plugin dashboard details.

Develop your own plugins. Use the recommended checklist to plan, create, test, and publish your own plugins (Java SDK, .NET SDK, Ruby SDK, or API) for private or public use.

Use developer resources. Refer to the New Relic Plugins developer reference documentation for metric naming and values, API specs, considerations for multiple agents, and more.

Manage your plugin. Follow the guidelines to document, support, release new versions, and monitor usage.